WE just love to cook BBQ. Our ultimate goal is to make people happy with our BBQ and with the freshest homemade sides. And by the way, we KCBS circuit. These experiences gives us a wide range of flavor profiles to bring to your party table. As your Pit Master, we will prepare your meats with the finest rubs and marinades. Then we will smoke them with the best apple, peach and hickory wood available.  Pit cooking gives our meat the most wonderful smoky flavor and naturally tenderizes without using preservatives. The long cooking time (often 12 to 14 hours) eliminates excess fat and gives the meat a rich color and & divine taste. All our sides & baked goods are made using the freshest and finest ingredients. Our baked goods are homemade; some even baked in iron skillets on the grill pit . WE hope you enjoy eating it as much as we enjoy cooking it!